Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services

For most business owners, a merger or acquisition is the most significant financial event of their lifetime. Buyers and sellers face many hurdles in reaching their goals of maximizing business value and minimizing risk. The experience of transaction advisors can be instrumental to achieve these goals.

Industry Expertise

Bennett Thrasher guides and represents many middle-market companies in transactions with deal values ranging up to $500 million. Our M&A transaction advisors have industry expertise across a wide variety of sectors, including:

Transaction Advisors for Any Business Transaction

As one of the largest and fastest growing firms in the country, our transaction advisory services are tailored to serve the needs of clients of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Public companies
  • Private companies
  • Venture capitalists
  • Mezzanine funds
  • Leveraged finance groups
  • Investment bankers
  • Private equity investors.

We advise clients in all types of business transactions, including:

  • Asset purchases
  • Stock acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Early stage investments
  • Minority investments
  • Management buy-outs
  • Secondary buy-outs
  • Recapitalizations
  • Club deals
  • Carve-out divestitures
  • Portfolio-company exits
  • Value acceleration and exit planning
  • Whole-company sales

Our deal team is comprised of dedicated advisors that can assist you across all stages of your transaction process, including:

Our Approach: Maximizing Value Through Insight and Involvement

When Bennett Thrasher represents a company through a deal process, we are actively involved throughout the transaction life cycle.

Pre-Transaction Phase

This involvement often begins years in advance of the potential transaction. During this pre-transaction phase, we establish valuation expectations, perform estate and income tax planning, structure the business in the optimal manner for federal and state tax purposes, and ensure that you are equipped for the due diligence process.

During the Transaction

When a transaction has reached the indication-of-interest or letter-of-intent stage, our involvement intensifies. We review purchase and ancillary agreements, evaluate the relative financial and non-financial benefits of each offer, and help identify deal enhancers as well as flag key risks. Then we draw on our deep deal and industry-specific expertise to design solutions that will effectively help clients capture value and/or navigate hurdles identified while achieving our client’s desired investment objectives.

Better Together

We believe that the greatest successes come as a result of the best minds working together toward a common goal. In addition to collaborating with you and with our Bennett Thrasher colleagues, we work closely with your legal counsel, investment bankers, and other accounting, tax, and consulting advisors to maximize value for you, our client.

If you are embarking on a transaction opportunity, please contact Vijay Vaswani or call 770.396.2200.